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The Nocturne Trilogy Collection

Enter the eternally night world of Nocturne and uncover the mysteries hidden in the darkness. · By MIITRIN


Recent updates

Just Clarifying Something...
We have recently updated our game's page to turn off the sensitive content warning. Our original presumption was that we wanted to make it CRYSTAL CLEAR that Th...
Steel City Con 2023 Invasion was a SUCCESS! (or so we’re told...)
That’s right, title of the post! The Nocturne Board of Localization’s latest MAXIMUM-marketing campaign involved sending out a couple of unsuspecting, suspi...
Nocturne and The Unseen Dream SHAREWARE OUT NOW!
Greetings. After many months of work and tears. We have returned with an exciting new product. Nocturne and the Unseen Dream SHAREWARE DEMO A 1R0% completely fr...
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Second Post Ever and it's a Delay! (Hooray!)
Sad, but a classic! The Nocturne Trilogy Collection has been delayed and will NOT release Early 2023. Sorry, yo. But DON'T GET IT TWISTED! With more development...
New Cover Art! Thanks chum!
The Cover Art for The Nocturne Trilogy Collection is here! Illustrated by chum Go check out their cool art! They're the coolest!...

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