Just Clarifying Something...

We have recently updated our game's page to turn off the sensitive content warning.  Our original presumption was that we wanted to make it CRYSTAL CLEAR that The Nocturne Trilogy Collection is a game designed primarily for mature teens and immature adults . It will include such colorful things the likes of:

  • Violence
  • Comic Blood/Gore
  • Firearms/Dangerous Weaponry
  • Mild Profanity
  • Alcoholic References
  • Occultism
  • Smoking/Tobacco References
  • Gambling (y'know like Luigi's Casino)
  • Existentialism? 

and many more FUN  surprises await in the full release (and partially the demo).

That being said, we at the Nocturne Board of Localization like to keep a keen eye on our brand's presence on this platform, and it's becoming increasingly apparent that this countermeasure has seemingly placed our game in some.

Unexpected markets.
Okay but seriously, if you found us through these tags, what are you still doing here?

It doesn't take a Localizer to figure out this is the wrong tag for this game.

With that all said and clarified, we have officially unveiled the metaphorical curtain so now ANY dang person can see this page without getting that really threatening 18+ prompt that totally disappointed at least one of you!  Now it's up to YOU, the people reading this, to understand our somewhat bogus, magnum opus of a maturity rating!

The Nocturne Trilogy is Rated P!

(For "Please,  don't show this to your 7th grader cousin. We are dead serious!")

That's all for now. Stay tuned for more updates on the Trilogy Collection and play the FREE demo tonite!

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