Steel City Con 2023 Invasion was a SUCCESS! (or so we’re told...)

That’s right, title of the post!

The Nocturne Board of Localization’s latest MAXIMUM-marketing campaign involved sending out a couple of unsuspecting, suspicious people and having them give out/hide these cards all across the convention!

Hey, hey! Click me!
The cards in question, haphazardly placed on a bed

This doesn't mean everything went off without a hitch though, as it was discovered some of the cards were.... tampered with before being sent. Rest assured, the Nocturne Board of Localization will not address or acknowledge this tampering in any form beyond this post. This includes any messages on our behalf carried out verbally, written in ink, digital, or pigeon mail. ESPECIALLY PIGEON MAIL, DAVID.

Of course, our agents were only at the event for a few hours yesternight and any other N.B.O.L. affiliated members were not present at the event, so we can't really vouch for them still being there the da- i mean Night after, but you get the idea. And if you WERE someone who found one of these cards and are reading this now, thank you for continued interest in the World of Nocturne!

The Nocturne Trilogy Collection will (most likely) release Year of the Rabbit 2023-2024

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