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Where the sun never rises and the moon never falls,  the small world of Nocturne has many mysterious mysteries and horrifying horrors lurking in the shadows.

Play as Inquiry Agent, Benny Macready, in all 3 games in the Nocturne storyline and meet many whimsical characters on your journey to uncover the dark secrets of Nocturne.

A full Lucasarts inspired point 'n click adventure game for your Windows computer system!

Originally released: December 12th, 2020

When a business partnership starts to fall apart, it's Macready's job to figure out why. The first game in the Nocturne series! Get introduced to all the characters you'll come to know throughout the series and explore the creepy forests of Bitterschädel Island!   

Originally released: May 22nd, 2021

Go under the sea to the submerged city of Pacifia and find Jack von Bitterschädel's stolen music box. The middle act of the trilogy! Explore the depths of the ocean with two other companions by your side! (well, one is over the radio, but you get the idea!)

Exclusive to the Trilogy Collection!

The tech empire of  H.O.W. Innovations revolts against The City of Nocturne! Now with his city conquered, it's all up to Macready to save the world and put an end to the tyrannical corporation! The exciting finale of the Trilogy! Prepare for a revolution!

What? Still not enough for you? Well, how about:

-A brand new fully interactive tutorial to teach you how to play!
-The stupid April Fools HARD MODE! (Also updated! Yeah!)
-Achievements and other type unlockables!
-Developer Commentary! Find out what they were thinking when making this game!


Download the Unseen Dream Shareware Demo in the meantime!

Stay tuned for more updates.


MIITRIN - Gamemaster ( developer/artist/composer/writer/wardrobe/director)

onestopmidi - Composer

Perry-15 - Artist (@Powr_15)
chum - Artist (@JumboChumb0)

megafan1137 - Playtesting/QA
Danny Riggs - Playtesting/QA (@DannyRiggsUK)

Download demo

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